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Benefits of Wooden Crates

At Pack-All International, we understand you may have anxiety about potential damage during packing and shipping – and one of the best custom shipping products that provides the best possible shipping protection is the wooden crate.

Choosing the right packaging container is among the most important decisions in shipping. Wood-based shipping containers are among the most popular. Wooden crates are known to be one of the best materials for packaging. They are self-supporting structures that are the ideal choice for shipping various products, whether they're lightweight, extremely heavy or fragile items. 

A crate is a large shipping container, made of wood, typically used to transport large, heavy or awkward items. When planning to transport commodities, shipping companies consider the nature of the commodities, the cost of transportation, and the shipping conditions. Factors such as the durability of the materials, the environmental friendliness, cost of the materials, and convenience in distributing particular commodities influence the choice of packaging materials. Wooden containers are able to transport a variety of commodities, they are easy to design, only require simple procedures and tools.

The advantages of wooden crates include:

  • they can be manufactured and repaired locally;

  • wooden crates are quite easy and efficient to manufacture from a set design or from a customer’s custom design specs;

  • wood is relatively resistant to different weather conditions and (sea)water;

  • wooden crates offer added security and protection, an important factor especially if you are shipping fragile and valuable items;

  • wooden crates are often used on more than one journey and can withstand great vertical pressure if they are stacked correctly with the weight evenly distributed;

  • most crates have good ventilation;and

  • wooden crates are completely natural.

If deciding on the type of shipping container to use is crucial in your business, then contact Pack-All International today. We design and manufacture custom wooden crates which can be made from Plywood or, Cleated Crates made with 2x4's, 2x6's, 4x4's, etc. Our boxes are custom made to meet any and all of your unique requirements. Our on-site CNC panel saw cuts plywood in large volumes to create plywood crates that will securely protect your items. This process reduces labour costs, which in turn, reduces your cost on Plywood Crates.


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