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Quality Custom Crating Solutions Offered by Experienced Professionals in Mississauga

Planning to move your most valuable items to a new location? If you are looking for safe and strong packaging options, custom crating is the solution. Custom crates are specially made wooden boxes designed as per the size, weight, and dimensions of your items. At Pack-All International, we understand that the items that you want to move can be special, invaluable, fragile or rare, and you won't like to move them till you are convinced that the packaging is strong and robust enough to protect your valuables. To lay your worries to rest, our business provides quality custom crating in Mississauga.


Why Place Your Trust on Us?

We have been in the shipping industry for more than 44 years and take pride in providing our clients with items that stand the test of time. We're located in Mississauga but provide our services across the Greater Toronto Area. When you choose our custom crating services, you can rest assured knowing that your item will safely reach the intended destination. Apart from using our custom crating services, you can also seek our assistance with containerization and wood pallets Reach out to us to fulfill your demands for unique products with the best possible shipping protection.


We Ensure Your Product's Safety

Using custom crating Toronto and Mississauga customers count on, we design and manufacture custom wooden crates and boxes to meet any and all of your unique needs. Whether you need export, domestic, or military packaging, our custom crating is the perfect solution. When building wooden crates/boxes that will securely protect your items, we utilize our on-site CNC panel saw which cuts plywood in large volumes. This process reduces labour costs, which in turn, reduces your cost.


In order to quickly and safely move even your heaviest and bulkiest items, our warehouse features two 25-tonne overhead bridge cranes installed to 40 feet high. With our 36,000 square feet of production and warehouse space and 40,000 square feet of fenced outside storage, we’re able to safely pack and store your valuable items at your convenience and to suit your individual needs.


Our affordable custom crating methods in the Mississauga area still provide you with nothing but the best materials to protect your products from harm. We work with a variety of high-quality materials, including humidity plugs, tar paper, Military spec MIL-1B1 foil, and much more.


Do you want to learn more about our work? Head to our image gallery to have a quick look at our facility and get an idea about the work we do. For more information, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our team. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs or answer any questions that you may have.


Safe Packaging at Effective Rates

At Pack-All International, we not only understand you may have anxiety about potential damage during packing and shipping, but we are also aware that cost is a significant factor in your plans to move valuable items. That’s where our decades of experience in providing custom crating services is significant. Our professional staff knows exactly how to promptly pack your valuable items inside the tough wooden boxes. As the highly-trained staff have the expertise, they know how to make the best use of the dimensions of different items. Such efficiency saves you time and, most importantly, money.


To know more about the wide range of packaging options available, read our blog.


The Benefits of Using Wooden Crates for Shipping

Wooden crates are one of the most popular shipping materials, and with good reason. They're unparalleled in their versatility, and you can use them to ship anything from small, fragile items to heavy machinery. They're cost-effective and don't give out under pressure. Some of the reasons to choose wooden crates for shipping are:

  • Sturdiness: Wooden crates come with a self-supporting mechanism which makes them incredibly sturdy. Their makeup allows them to bear extreme vertical pressure. They're a long-lasting item that can handle a high degree of load.
  • Stacking: Wooden crates can be crafted to allow stacking. They can handle the weight from stacked crates. This enhances your shipping operations and makes your job easier.
  • Affordability: One of the key benefits of wooden crates is how affordable they are without compromising on quality. This is highly beneficial to those who ship a large number of items on a regular basis.
  • Enhanced protection: Wooden crates are great at protecting your product from damage. They're virtually impenetrable and when preservation packaging is added, they will guard your items against external factors such as water, dirt and debris. 
  • Repurposibility: Unlike their other counterparts, wooden crates are entirely recyclable. You can reuse them till they become damaged, which generally takes a long time. This reduces the amount you spend on shipping materials in the long run. In addition to that, you can easily recycle them into mulch, fuel, compost, etc.

Our custom-made wooden crates come with the added benefit of being tailored to your needs. We can design your wooden crates to any specifications of your choice to enable you to transport your items securely. If you'd like to find out more about how our custom wooden crates in Mississauga can be advantageous to you, please speak to us.


Why Choose Pack-All International’s Custom Crating Services?

A closer look at the benefits that you get from custom crating your valuables will convince you that this is the best and most economical option. Most importantly, with a trusted and reliable company offering custom crating in Mississauga, like Pack-All International, you can rest assured that you will receive quality service. Our professional handlers inspect and protect your items at different stages of packing:

  • Be it rain, hail or snow, our custom crating won't allow any damage to your valuables.
  • Most of the damages that take place during loading and unloading at the ports or airports, are prevented due to the high quality of our crafted wooden crates.
  • We offer custom in-house and on-site packing solutions.
  • If you prefer packing at your own facility, we also offer two on-site install trucks that can travel to virtually any location in Southern Ontario.
  • Our location at 2515 Derry Rd E, Mississauga, is conveniently located near two major airports, making the movement of your air shipments more convenient.

If you have a particular shipping requirement but are unsure if we can help, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are always willing to attend to your queries concerning any of the services we offer.


Get in Touch

We understand that it’s not easy to entrust the packing of your valuable belongings to a third party. But with over 4 decades of experience and services backed by the trust of several happy clients, you can place your trust in us without any worries. Not only do we offer personalized services catered to your unique requirements but we also assure you of a high level of customer satisfaction.


So, what are you waiting for? Turn to Pack-All International when you need custom crating in Mississauga. Call us today at 905-671-2310 for a free quote and start the cost-effective process of shipping your products in the easiest and safest way possible. Fill out our quick online form to learn more about our services, such as custom skids and containerization .

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