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Pack-All International | Crating Professionals Since 1976

Trusted Custom Packaging Solutions in Mississauga


Each package and its contents are different, and thus, they require different high-quality packaging solutions. Going by this rule, Pack-All International offers custom packaging solutions in Mississauga, Toronto and throughout the GTA with a variety of high-quality materials to meet our customers’ diverse needs fast, reliably, and cost-effectively.


With our expertise dating back to 1976, we’ve learned that offering innovative, unique packaging solutions keeps our customers returning again and again. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that your packages reach their destination safely and on time with utmost safety.


Our services are another factor that draws customers in and around Mississauga to us. With us at your side, you can rest assured because our team will ensure you find the custom packaging solution you seek. After all, we are ‘Pack-All International’ for a reason.

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How Our Custom Packaging Works

Here's a glimpse into how our custom wood packaging process works:

  • Understanding your requirements: First and foremost, we understand your packaging requirements, including the type of product, dimensions, weight, fragility, and any specific design or custom stencils (markings) you'd like to incorporate. Our team collaborates closely with you to ensure we have a clear vision of your needs.

  • Customization and manufacturing: Our skilled craftsmen begin manufacturing once the design and size is finalized. They meticulously cut, shape, and assemble the wood pieces to create a custom packaging solution that perfectly fits your product.

  • Final inspection: We have stringent quality control measures to ensure that every custom wood packaging we produce meets our high standards.

  • Packaging and delivery: Once your custom wood packaging is ready, we take utmost care in packaging it securely to protect it during transportation. Whether you require domestic or international shipping packaging, we can provide suitable solutions to ensure your products reach their destination safely.

Packaging Supplies

In order to provide you with the best possible custom packaging solutions in Mississauga, we maintain a large inventory of packaging supplies. These help us ensure we have the raw materials needed to provide customized packaging solutions to you at all times. Our high-quality materials include the following and more:

  • Certified HT KD SPF coniferous lumber
  • 3/8”, 5/8”, D grade plywood
  • Certified #2 hardwoods
  • Military spec MIL-1B1 foil
  • Shrink-wrap (7 mil UV inhibiting)
  • Various desiccant pouches -VCI-369D1
  • Tar paper
  • Heavy-duty VCI Cortec plastic sheeting (vapour corrosion inhibitor)
  • Liquid spray barriers
  • 1/8" Polyfoam
  • Bubble wraps and 1", 2" & 1/8" Shockmount Foams
  • Shockwatches
  • Tip-N-Tell indicators
  • Humidity plugs


Pack-All International is a packaging company that will consult you to determine which high-quality packaging solutions are right for your specific needs. We’ve learned through over forty years of specializing in clients with unique packaging needs - from military spec packaging to heavy equipment packaging.


Packaging Solutions for Jobs of All Sizes

For this reason, our two overhead cranes stored within our large warehouse can accommodate up to 50 metric tonnes of heavy lifting, making packing even the bulkiest items simple and affordable. All our crates are custom-built in our warehouse to ensure the best possible fit for your items during packing and transport, keeping them safe and undamaged throughout their journey.


Pack-All International works at the fastest possible. Our  large warehouse and outside storage facility can accommodate most of your items, from the largest and bulkiest to the smallest, most fragile equipment. We manufacture wooden crates and solutions suitable for your exact application.


Our Facility

At Pack-All International, we have a distinct advantage over our competitors with our state-of-the-art facility in Mississauga. Our facility boasts a CNC panel saw, enabling us to cut plywood in large volumes with exceptional precision. This not only results in cleaner-looking plywood crates but also reduces labour costs. With 40,000 square feet of heated production and warehouse space, fully secured with an alarm and camera system, we prioritize the safety and security of your valuable goods.

Contact Us

Call us today at 905-671-2310 to schedule a consultation or stop by our warehouse - two lights west of Airport Road at 2515 Derry Rd E, Mississauga, ON. We also provide other packaging services, such as wood pallets, crates, custom skids and more. Take a tour of our wood packaging company in Mississauga and see how our experienced crew works hard to exceed expectations.


Convenient Cargo Containerization

We offer personalized containerization solutions that protect your cargo and facilitate hassle-free shipping.

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