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Custom Wood Pallets in Mississauga for Safe and Convenient Shipping

If you plan to send a parcel somewhere, you must ensure that the products in the shipment reach the destination without any damage. But what would you do if you were working under a stringent budget? With Pack-All International,  you never have to compromise the safety of your products. We provide exceptional custom wood pallets in Mississauga, catering to heavy shipments. Our extensive range of wood pallets is designed to ensure that your investment is wisely utilized. Our team also provides custom-cut lumber services on our site so that you can get a flawless wood pallet for your products.


For more information on our heavy-shipment packaging services, contact us today!

On-site Resources for Your Wood Pallets

We use our custom-cut lumber to create custom wood pallets for both Mississauga and international customers. No matter the size of the job, we are well-equipped to handle it. Our fully-equipped facility includes a CNC panel saw, ensuring fast and precise cutting while minimizing labour costs. We also have two overhead bridge cranes that allow us to handle even the largest and heaviest shipments effortlessly.


Wood Pallets in Mississauga with Consistent Quality

We quality-check the lumber entering our facility and double-check the final product packaging. This ensures that our custom wood pallets meet your requirements and specifications. Being in business since 1976, we have built a reputation on exceptional skill and exquisite results. Rest assured that you will get premium-quality wooden pallets for your shipping needs.


Quick Delivery of Pallets in Toronto, GTA & Beyond

Our on-site resources allow us to quickly and effectively transform our lumber into custom pallets for our customers. If you need your custom wood pallets in Mississauga or Toronto on an urgent basis, we can always rush your order. Pack-All International is committed to serving you as per your specific timeline requirements.


Why Choose Us?

Pack-All International has been serving the clients of Mississauga meticulously, and there are several reasons for it, including:

  • A well-trained team: Our team comprises experienced professionals who ensure even the most fragile item is handled with care and precision.

  • Customized packaging: Over the years, we have learned and adopted the most effective ways to customize wooden packaging to your needs. Whether it’s designing custom skids for your equipment or containerizing your cargo safety, we ensure it’s done complying with industry standards.

  • Extensive options: As our name suggests, we are adept at competently packing everything, irrespective of its shape, size, or weight. So no matter what time you need to ship, we will have the materials required to ensure your products reach their destination without distortion, breakage, or loss.

We are well-versed in providing professional packaging options. Be it any kind of packaging needs, we have got you covered!


Contact Us 

If you want more details about our custom-made wood pallets, place an order, or simply have questions about what we do, contact us online or by phone at 905-671-2310 today. We look forward to working with you!

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Get Custom Wood Pallets in Mississauga

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