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We Protect Your Items Using Custom Skids in Mississauga

Protect your equipment and materials with expert crating services and custom skids in Mississauga from Pack-All International. As your packaging specialist since 1976, we manufacture to meet the unique demands of your job. If you have oversized pieces that require more room or smaller, more fragile items that require careful storing.


Pack-All International customizes our packaging materials to meet your needs when you have to deal with odd-sized equipment. With customized skids, your Mississauga business can rest assured that your equipment and goods will be protected in storage and transit. We also offer shrink wrap and containerization. Contact us today to know our packaging and storage options.


What Are Its Benefits?


A skid can be used for several reasons when it comes to material handling, such as:

  • Design: The deck design of the skid is a significant advantage when it comes to mobility. This feature allows heavy equipment to be easily transported or repositioned within your facility.

  • Customization: Customized skids can be tailored to fit specific products, such as steel machinery or coiled pipe, which ensures a precise fit and optimal support for the specialized items. Whether it is a forklift or other specialized lifting device, the skid can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

  • Storage: Another advantage of skids is they can be easily stacked, which offer convenient storage solutions. This allows for organized storage arrangements, reducing clutter and maximizing the storage capacity of your facility.


If you’re interested in the items you can store and transport with skids in Mississauga, talk to your crating professionals Pack-All International.

Handling Custom Skids in Mississauga & Beyond – What Equipment to Use

Now that you have your skids from Mississauga’s Pack-All International, you’ll need equipment to move them. Skids can be handled with different types of equipment. For example, skids can be moved with conveyors, lift-truck or forklift.


Overhead Cranes Handle Heavy & Oversized Jobs

When it comes to moving your customized skids, Toronto, Mississauga, and other areas can rely on Pack-All International. We have some of the industry's most experienced personnel and facilities and the necessary equipment to handle jobs of all sizes. We feature a CNC panel saw that provides highly efficient and accurate cutting to promptly provide the skids you need. You can also rest assured that your equipment will be handled safely using our two 25-ton overhead bridge cranes. Your heavy or oversized cargo is no problem for these cranes, which are set 40’ high.


Give Us a Call

We are pleased to offer both in-shop services at our fully-equipped facility or on-site crating to meet your unique needs.  Request a free quote to get started on your customized skids in Mississauga. For further questions, fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you.

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Looking for Custom Skids in Mississauga?

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