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Shipping Heavy or Oversized Items? Custom Skids Can Help

Shipping oversized or heavy items

Shipping equipment and materials of a standard size is usually not much of a problem, but shipping heavy or oversized items can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare. So, what do you do when your item is extremely heavy, oddly shaped, or even both? At Pack-All International we provide custom skids in Toronto for exactly this sort of situation. With a custom skid, you can rest assured that any materials or equipment you need to ship are going to be stored and transported in a safe manner. Just read on if you're interested in finding out more.

What Is a Skid? 

You may have heard the word "skid" used interchangeably with "pallet" before. However, skids and pallets do have some important differences and some important advantages over one another depending on your needs. Pallets are constructed to have both a top deck and a bottom deck. Skids, on the other hand, lack a bottom deck. The upper deck of a skid simply rests on pedestals. This gives skids the advantage of being highly mobile while at the same time allowing for restraint of items and machinery of various weights, sizes, and shapes.

Why Use a Custom Skid?

Custom skids in Toronto can be designed to accommodate any of your oversized or heavy items. Designers will take into account not only the shape and weight of the item but also whether the load will need to be able to accommodate a unique type of lifting device. All of your heavy equipment can easily be made mobile with a custom skid that holds it securely in place.

Custom skids can also be built to anticipate the sort of transport that will be used and how field installation will take place. They are designed to provide trustworthy stability and reliability while remaining highly usable and mobile, whether you are transporting thousands of pounds of coiled pipe or a large, heavy diesel engine. This sort of customizability is difficult to find in any other transport structure but custom skids in Toronto.

What if you are looking for a storage as well as for a transport solution? Well, custom skids can also be used to provide a permanent foundation for heavy and oversized items, with the added benefit of taking up less space due to their stackable nature. Plus, they can be customized to fit your materials exactly.

Custom Skids in Toronto for All Your Needs

If custom skids in Toronto sound like the right solution for you, then Pack-All International is here to help. Our packaging experts have been helping businesses meet their unique shipping demands since 1976. We can handle equipment and materials of all shapes and sizes, and we have the tools and experienced personnel needed to promptly provide you with all of the custom skids you need. All of your heavy and oversized items will be moved using our 25-ton, 40' high overhead bridge cranes.

For more information on custom skids in Toronto, don't hesitate to contact Pack-All International today.


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