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Shock Mount Packaging

The transportation of sensitive and fragile equipment or products needs the use of specific packing equipped with dedicated mounts for shock and vibration isolation. Shock mount packaging is the safest and the most preferred option for highly fragile and delicate items such as electronic equipment or chemical compounds.

Shock mount packaging offers a wide range of packaging options that contain built-in shock absorption, protecting the contents from shock, vibration, and noise as well as humidity, dust, and moisture. Impact indicators, like ShockWatch used by Pack-All International, is a highly visible device mounted on the container that alerts everyone involved in the package handling process that additional care is required. It will activate when an impact level exceeds a predetermined level. It may also be mounted inside the package directly on the product to accurately determine if an impact has damaged the product.

Package cushioning is used to help protect fragile items during shipment. It is common for a transport package to be dropped, kicked, and impacted: These events may produce potentially damaging shocks. Transportation vibration from conveyors, trucks, railroads, or aircraft can also damage some items. Shock and vibration are controlled by cushioning so that the chance of product damage is greatly reduced.

Cushioning is usually inside a shipping container such as a corrugated box or a wooden or metal crate. It is designed to deform or crush to help keep levels of shock and vibration below levels that may damage the product inside the box. Depending on the specific situation, package cushioning can often be between 50 and 75 millimeters (two to three inches) thick.

Internal packaging materials (sometimes the same ones used for cushioning) are also used for functions other than cushioning. Some are used just to immobilize the products in the box and to block them in place. Others are just used to fill a void and do not have a cushioning function.

There are many different ways to package and ship your products. Pack-All International will help you evaluate the needs of your company and products, and decide which of these options will work best for you, and will keep your products safe throughout the shipping process.

Pack-All International has been a leader in the export packaging industry since 1976, and offers custom packaging to Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, and surrounding areas. To learn more about Pack-All International’s affordable rates, convenience and speedy custom crating service, contact us at 905-671-2310 today.


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