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The International Requirements for Your Shipping Crate

shipping crate

Canada's biggest trading partners include Japan and Great Britain, but you don't have to ship there. No matter where you ship, you should consider using international shipping crates Toronto.

You can get the right shipping crate based on your package and the destination country. That way, your shipment can arrive safely and on time.

Keep reading for more info on international shipping crates.


Consider the Country

When determining the regulations for international shipping crates Toronto, consider the destination country. The shipping crate will need to meet the regulations in Canada and that other country.

If you frequently ship to a country like the United States, you should learn those requirements. But even if you send a single shipment that you send to France, you should make sure your shipping crate will make it into the country.

Utilizing the services of a Freight Forwarder will make your job much easier.


Get an IPPC Stamp

TThe International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has a stamp that shows a wood shipping crate is safe. Many countries participate in the IPPC, so the stamp can grant your package entry.

While some international requirements for shipping crates vary by country, an IPPC stamp is a good start.


Shipping Crate Dimensions

You should also consider the maximum dimensions for a given country. In the United States, the standard size for pallets is 48 inches by 40 inches by 6 inches.

If your international shipping crates are significantly larger, you may not be able to get them through US customs. Or you may have to pay more to get the shipment into the new country.

Consider how big your crates can be for wherever they're going. Then, you can work with a company like Pack-All to pack the shipment accordingly.


Full Containers vs. Less Than Containers

Another thing to consider is if you're shipping full containers (FCL) or less than containers (LCL). While both can fulfill shipping crate requirements, FCL is usually cheaper and faster.

When you ship LCL, you have to give the courier time to combine your package with another. But shipping FCL means your package is already full and good to go.

This difference won't necessarily change the shipping crate requirements you have to follow. But it can affect how your shipment travels, so it's worth considering.


Shipping Methods

You should also consider the shipping methods available between Canada and your package's destination. If you're shipping to the United States, you may have more leeway on size because you can use ground transportation.

But if you're sending a package to Europe or Asia, it needs to go on a plane or a boat. Consider the size requirements for those shipping methods and use that to package your shipment.

Then, you can make sure your package arrives safely.


Sending International Shipping Crates Toronto

If you need to send a shipping crate to a different country, you should do your research. Ignoring international shipping requirements can keep your packing from arriving at its destination.

If you need to send a lot of international packages, consider working with a Freight Forwarding company for international shipping crates Toronto. Then, you won't have to work alone.

Do you need a shipping crate for your next shipment? Check out Pack-All's custom crate service.


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