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The Many Uses for Custom Wooden Crates

Custom wooden crates in Mississauga

If you can’t be sure your products will arrive at their destination on time and undamaged, it can cause problems for you and your reputation with your clients. Of course, your products are unique to your company so the standard shipping options may not be right for you. That’s why Pack-All International offers custom wooden crates from our Mississauga facility. Whatever your shipping problem is, we can make a wooden crate that solves it.

Why Are Wooden Crates a Good Choice?

Most shipping crates are made out of plywood. Although this might seem like a pretty common sort of material, it’s really an impressive engineering achievement. Plywood is one kind of what is known as “engineered wood,” meaning that it’s made of wood material but reconstructed to perform specific tasks. Plywood augments the natural strength and durability of wood, is moisture-resistant, is less likely to split when nailed, and has great dimensional stability, so it won’t change its shape as it’s affected by the elements.

Besides being a great material for shipping purposes, plywood can also be customized easier than metal. Wood crates can be manufactured in open slat pattern, in case you need to see what’s inside the crate or the crate requires ventilation during transportation. Alternatively, if your crates need added protection, solid wood boxes might be the way to go.

Plywood can be used to cheaply and easily ship large items for export or domestic shipping. Even military equipment can be protected with plywood. If you have small, fragile items to ship (such as circuit boards), plywood is great for that too. Custom shapes to fit any need are just as easy to create using wood.

Where Can I Find Custom Solutions to My Shipping Problems?

At Pack-All International, we have our own CNC panel saw that we use to cut large volumes of plywood for wooden crates in any shape and size. This means that no matter the packing and shipping challenge, we have the equipment to provide any solution you need.

In addition to custom shipping crates, we also offer shrink wrap, humidity plugs, military spec MIL-1B1 foil, and more to meet all your unique shipping needs. We handle all construction of wooden crates in our own Mississauga facility but if you’d like to handle packaging at your own warehouse, we have trucks that can accommodate you. Contact us today to find out more about what shipping options are right for you.


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