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Understanding ISPM 15 Standards: Ensuring Compliance for International Shipping

Packaging is a big deal not just in Canada but throughout the world. Canada has a healthy industry for this with a market value of over 54 billion units in 2022. However, there are ISPM 15 standards you should know about. What are the most important standards for packaging companies in Mississauga to be concerned about? This guide breaks it down.


The first issue addressed with ISPM 15 is any possible insects that may get into your package. With wood packaging lumber must be heat treated by a certified lumber facility overseen by the government. This ensures no insects are in the lumber to be exported out of the country. If you do not use heat-treated certified lumber (ISPM 15) you have to fumigate these boxes before they move on to their final destinations. This allows you to get the approval stamps that you need to get the box to its next destination, and it helps kill any insects that remain inside.

Exempt Packages

Not all wood packages are required to go through this process to enter Canada. Some wood products that may be exempt from this include but are not limited to plywood. On top of this, you should note that ISPM 15 is specifically for wood packaging. That means other material such as paper, plastic, and metal is exempt if that is the material that you used to package your product.

United States Alliance

Finally, know that Canada is not the only country that follows these standards. The United States has joined Canada in this and has done so for years now. This means that if you want to ship one of your wood packages to the United States, you have to go through the same standards as a package that is going to Canada. There was talk of a possible exemption for more products a few years back, but nothing ever materialized from it. As a result, you can expect the United States and Canada to stand together on this issue for years to come.

Learn More About ISPM 15 Standards

These are just a few of the things that you should know about the ISPM 15 standards. Know that the main point of ISPM 15 standards is to make sure that there are no insects or fungi that travel with your package to its final destination. To do this, you must use a certified facility that has been certified by the government to package for export shipments. Do you need a packaging service that will meet these standards? Message Pack-All International today with your questions.


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