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Which Industries Benefit From Wood Pallets and Crates?

As of 2021, wood still remains the top type of pallet material used in manufacturing, whole trade, retail, and other similar sectors. 94 percent of respondents to a survey by Modern and Peerless Research Group on pallet use claimed to use wood pallets, while only 37 percent used plastic ones.

While plastic pallets and crates have risen in popularity, they're not always the best fit for each industry. The number of international shipments increases every year, and there's a good chance you may never see those pallets again.

Here's why you should use wood pallets and crates and which industries can benefit from them.

Benefits of Wood Pallets and Crates

Why would you use wood shipping products instead of plastic? After all, wood can rot and break down, while plastic won't.

First of all, not every warehouse environment gets its pallets back. Wood is fully recyclable and can be more easily disposed of than plastic.

Second, wood pallets can handle higher weights than plastic. Plastic buckles under anything over 1,500 pounds, while wood can handle up to 3,000 pounds.

Third, plastic pallets come in standard sizes, whereas pallets/skids can be custom made to fit your items.

Finally, certain exporting rules require you to use wood pallets when shipping overseas since you won't get them back.

Types of Wood Pallets and Crates

The advantages of wood pallets and crates will depend on the type you use. For example, block pallets can be lifted from all directions and can handle high loads. Crates come in variations, such as open and closed. Open crates have ventilation that prevents produce from spoiling. Closed crates are completely sealed and help avoid spillage or contamination.

Industries That Should Use Wood Pallets and Crates

Once you know the benefits and types of wood pallets and crates, you can determine the best ones for your industry.

Wood pallets for packaging are great for transporting heavy items and equipment. You can secure them with things like stretch wrap and rope. Some industries that can make good use of them include moving companies, furniture, and automobile parts .

Crates are better for loose or smaller items that would be difficult to secure to a pallet. Furthermore, you can custom-design wood crates to save money and better protect your products. Request a crate that's custom made to fit your specific products, so there isn't room for them to fall over and break. They're also reusable and eco-friendly.

Get Help With Custom Packaging

Wood pallets and crates are a great option if you want sturdy and disposable packaging options. However, even the best pallets may work against you if they aren't the right fit for your items. Custom packaging is made to suit your specific needs so your items won't be damaged in transit.

Pack-All International handles all your specialized packaging, export crating, and more. We can load and pack your items with our certified high-grade wood materials. Contact us for a free quote and to ask any questions.


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