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Reliable Containerization in Mississauga

Shipping heavy machinery, equipment, and vehicles can be difficult, especially if your cargo has to reach an overseas destination. Not only does your machinery or equipment need to be properly secured for travel, but carefully protected from rust and corrosion, which can result from shipping over saltwater. When you need to export items, Pack-All International can provide containerization. Toronto, Mississauga, and the surrounding areas. We also offer other services such as packaging and shrink wrap.


Containerization at Pack-All International

The number of industrial and trading companies outsourcing containerization services is increasing year after year. Let experts from Pack-All International handle your entire container loading as we have long term experience in field loading and the load restraint of your freight.


We, along with the Customer's Forwarders will help you with every step, Including easy and fast container loading or load restraint service for your transportation. Contact us if you need any help from us with containerization in Toronto.


How Does It Work?

Containerization refers to the method in which items are loaded into large 20’ or 40’ metal shipping containers, more often than not for ocean export. This method can either include loading wooden crates or skidded items into the metal containers or loading, blocking, and bracing individual, smaller items (breakbulk) into the metal containers. These smaller items may or may not be added in crates. Vehicles, like cars or motorcycles, can be loaded into these metal containers without having to put them in crates first.


Generally, we load containers after we have packaged or crated customer’s items. However, sometimes containerization is performed so crating doesn’t have to be done. Depending on the items you plan to ship and where you plan to ship them to, Pack-All International can determine the specific method of containerization in Toronto, Mississauga and surrounding areas. You can trust our experience to get your machinery, equipment, vehicles, etc., shipped more safely and securely.


Why Should You Hire Us?

Safe loading and unloading of your shipping containers is a process that takes finesse, strength, and the right equipment. We have the expertise to handle everything from small shipments to large, dedicated and full container load shipments. Our facility is ideal for:

  • Standard cargo shipments
  • Large-volume shipments
  • Fragile shipments
  • Bulk shipments

Once everything is shipped, you’ll need professionals to make sure the cargo makes it from the shipping vessel to its destination without being harmed. Our team determines the optimal bracing strategy and then implements it to secure your items. Why turn to Pack-All International for your containerization services? Here’s why:

  • Experience: Pack-All International has decades of experience handling containerization in Toronto and beyond. We know just how to approach blocking and bracing items for optimal protection whether loading into top-loading or end loading metal containers. We use both forklifts and cranes when necessary in our loading services.
  • Attention to detail: Not every item that needs to be shipped is perfectly shaped for travel. Some items need to be carefully blocked and braced to maintain proper weight distribution, which can be especially difficult if the items in question are unusually shaped. You can trust Pack-All International’s attention to detail when it comes to these items. We make sure the centre of gravity is correct to avoid items leaning to one side or the other.
  • Proper packaging: We make sure your items are properly packaged for travel. Using heavy-duty poly for shrink-wrapping or military spec foil for vacuum packaging plus heavy-duty VCI (vapour corrosion inhibitors) barrier materials, we cover equipment and machinery so that moisture doesn’t get in during transit and short-term storage. VCI materials and desiccants are often added to help maintain moisture control. This is especially important for items being shipped overseas since salt water can permeate metal containers. If more than just skidding and covering is required, we will build a crate around the skid or equipment.


Rely on Us for All Your Crating Needs

Pack-All International makes and sells wood crates and skids for packaging a variety of items including machinery, equipment, cars, motorcycles, paintings, sculptures, and much more. Anything that you need packaged/crated, we can do it. Our years of experience have prepared us for many unusual items, such as a nuclear reactors, an ancient Chinese carpet worth 1 million dollars, and a smashed up race car.


We use only HT certified wood regardless if the shipment is domestic or international. All of our crates are stenciled with standard international markings and any other information you require to be marked on the outside. Additionally, all of our crates and skids are properly packaged and covered. Whether you’re shipping something across the border or sending it out across the ocean, we can ensure it is kept safe and dry during transit. If you have heavier or more delicate equipment that needs shipping, Pack-All International can easily customize our services to fit your needs. Reusable crates are also available for customers who wish to use them over and over again, such as for trade shows. 


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To learn more about our containerization services in Toronto, don’t hesitate to call us. You can also quickly fill out our online form for questions and we will respond promptly.

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