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Custom Crates for Custom Components

wooden crates mississauga

The equipment, products and other materials a company use come in all shapes and sizes. To store and transport these things, many companies use custom-made crates. Designed to match the proportions of the item or items they’ll hold, these crates have the advantage of using only as much material as is necessary and of taking up no more space than they need to—both good ways of saving a company money. The same principle holds for skids. Since the equipment or other materials you keep on skids are of varying dimensions, custom-made skids are very often the most practical and cost-effective option.

Who Uses Custom Wooden Crates and Skids

Companies of all kinds find custom wooden crates and skids useful for their operations. Here are some industries that find them particularly helpful:

  • Automotive 

  • Steel fabrication 

  • Industrial machinery

  • Military 

  • Transportation 

  • Aviation

Benefits of Using Custom Wooden Crates

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, a custom wooden crate or box is the most effective way to securely store or transport your items. The sturdy and moisture-resistant plywood used is perfect for heavy or bulky and also fragile items. Businesses in Southern Ontario can turn to Pack-All International for high-quality custom wooden crates that meet their unique needs. And Pack-All can provide shrink wrap, humidity plugs and military spec MIL-1B1 foil to further secure your items.

Packing and Storing Your Wooden Crates

Choose a crating company that’s able to safely pack and store your items for you. Or, if you want to do the packing at your own facility, choose a company that can travel to your location and bring along all the necessary materials. Businesses in Southern Ontario can trust Pack-All International in both these capacities. We’re able to pack and store your crates at our warehouse, which has 36,000 square feet of production and warehouse space and 40,000 square feet of fenced outdoor storage. And if you’re planning to pack at your own facility, we offer two on-site install trucks that can go to nearly any location in Southern Ontario.

Using Custom Skids

Skids can be customized for specific equipment or materials, and with their bottomless decks, they’re particularly useful for holding heavy machinery that needs to be transported with lifting devices. Skids can be custom-made to accommodate all types of lifting devices. And they can naturally be designed to take up limited space. Pack-All International provides Southern Ontario with the highest quality custom skids.

If you need custom wooden crates or skids, look no further than the team at Pack-All International. If you’re in Mississauga or the Greater Toronto Area, contact us today!


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