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Custom Wood Packing FAQ

Custom wood packing

Did you know that Canada is a top producer of wooden crates? As businesses send more and more products back and forth, the wood crate business continues to rise. If you need to send large or heavy items, you may want to utilize the cheapest boxes available. Custom wooden crates may appear more expensive, but think again! Custom wood crates ensure that your goods get transported safely and securely. Want to learn more about custom wood packing in Mississauga? Keep on reading this article to find out about the benefits of custom packaging and wood crates.


Benefits of Wood Crates For Shipping


There are many benefits of wooden crates for shipping. For one, they are highly adaptable. Crates get used for a variety of uses, including agriculture and industrial machine components. Pallets provide less padding and protection. Crates have walls and lids, and they can have supports or tie-down anchor points built into them. They also provide protection from the elements. Crates are also designed for common usage and are frequently reused. They are simple to recycle and are built to facilitate loading and offloading. Additionally, with the appropriate design, crates can be stackable.


Why Choose Custom Wood Crates?


Many shipping crates are composed of plywood. Although this is a rather common type of material, it is a very remarkable technical feat. Plywood is a type of "engineered wood," which means it is comprised of wood but is made of many thin layers. Plywood crates get utilized to move huge products inexpensively and quickly for export or local shipment


Custom Wood Packaging Solutions


Pack-All International has its own CNC panel saw for cutting large quantities of plywood or lumber for wooden boxes of any form and size. This means that no matter what your packaging and shipping needs are, we have the tools to meet them. We also provide shrink wrap, humidity plugs, military standard MIL-1B1 foil, and other Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors to satisfy your specific shipping requirements. We conduct all wooden crate building at our Mississauga plant, but if you want to handle the packing at your own warehouse, we have onsite mobile vehicles that can accommodate you. Contact us today to learn more about which shipping alternatives that are best for you.


Custom Wood Packing In Mississauga


Because your items are unique to your firm, normal shipping alternatives may not be appropriate for you. That is why Pack-All International, based in Mississauga, Ontario, provides the best custom wood packing in Mississauga. Click here for more information!


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