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Domestic Crating


Pack-All International lays your worries to rest by providing custom crates and pallets as well as packaging solutions to fit your unique products, providing fast, reliable and cost-effective shipping protection.

Pack-All’s distinctive crating system designs and manufactures custom wooden boxes and crates to meet any and all export, domestic, or military packaging. Our onsite CNC panel saw cuts plywood in large volumes to create wooden crates and boxes that will securely protect your items. Our warehouse features two 25-tonne overhead bridge cranes installed to 40 feet high, with 36,000 square feet of production and warehouse space and 40,000 square feet of fenced outside storage.

Here are a few of the most common types of packing materials that can accommodate a wide variety of company needs.

Crates and Pallets serve as great option for secondary packaging which helps keep the goods safe at the time of delivery. Crates act as secondary wrapping and keep the actual goods safe until they are delivered. Pallets help keep the products a bit off the ground – whether it is the bed of a truck or ground, keeping the product protected against shock, dirt, dust and moisture and in a good condition at the time of delivery. Some companies, like Pack-All International, use wooden materials that can easily be reused or recycled.

Shrink Wrap can be used to pack products such as CD cases or loose notebook papers or you can shrink wrap an entire pallet of packages to hold the packages together and make them easier to move. It acts as both a primary and a secondary packaging of your product and it also gives a visual appeal to your product. It also provides puncture and abrasion protection as well as impact resistance.

Vacuum Packaging is a preferred option for the goods that are sealed before shipping and one of the best options for the goods with a short shelf-life such as food. Vacuum packing eliminates oxygen from the package that preserves the item from moulds, yeasts and the other bacterial microbes. This kind of packaging has a sleek design making it perfect for being preserved in a freezer over long periods of time, carrying food items for camping trips or backpack tours and is the best type of packaging for companies shipping perishable goods.

Pack-All International in Mississauga, Toronto, has been a leader in the export packaging industry since 1976, and offers custom packaging to Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, and surrounding areas.

To learn more about Pack-All International’s affordable rates, convenience and speedy custom crating service, contact us at 905-671-2310 today.


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