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Tips to Save on Packaging Costs

If you need to ship materials or finished products, then custom wood packaging from Pack-All International has your solution – our custom wooden crates in Toronto, Mississauga and throughout the GTA offers a variety of high-quality packaging boxes to meet your diverse needs. We offer fast, reliable, and cost-effective methods to ensure your products arrive at their destination safe and undamaged.

While our packaging solutions keeps our customers returning again and again, many ask about reducing their packaging cost. To help our GTA neighbors, here’s a few suggestions we’ve pulled from our expertise dating back to 1976. 

  • Prioritize Research and Development - Improving and optimizing packaging design can save money, provide better product protection, and reduce your carbon footprint. Packaging should be efficiently designed, yet strong enough to survive several journeys (air, sea, rail, and road) before reaching the final destination. Factors to consider include the total cost of materials, tamper-proofing, durability for transport, ease of handling, aesthetics, and government regulations. 

  • Necessary vs. Unnecessary Costs - Itemize costs to determine if the packaging you are using (or the design you are considering) is the best solution for your product. Pinpoint elements that can be improved or eliminated altogether.

  • Size Matters - calculate the required dimensions for your crating/packaging. Less packaging means lower cost. Be cautious without being excessive. Your primary focus should be to protect the product inside. Consider inner carton dimensions, outer carton dimensions, carton dunnage (material used to keep your cargo in position), and the carton stacking configuration on your pallet.

  • Weight– less weight means improved handling and less shipping costs, but don’t forget about dimensional (volumetric) weight, the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight when calculating the total shipping cost. 

  • Keep Testing –think about how will your product will be shipped and handled once it has been crated/packaged, and outline your testing specifications around these factors. Consider the pressure of stacking, vibration, impacts, and climate changes. 

  • Rethink Your Business – depending on how you operate your business, to save on cash flow and expenditures, consider ordering in bulk. It doesn’t hurt to ask your packager/crater for a price break when buying in bulk, especially if there is cost-cutting potential. 

Pack-All International has been a leader in the export packaging industry since 1976 with years of experience to handle the simplest to the most complicated international shipments. To learn more about Pack-All International’s affordable rates, convenience and speedy custom crating service, contact our packaging facility at 905-671-2310 today to set up a consultation. Our goal is to provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for even the most difficult crating and packing needs.


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