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What Is Containerization?


A system of standardized transport, containerization uses a wheeled steel container of common sizes to transport goods. You see them loaded on Trucks and Trains every day. These containers are easy to transfer amongst different modes of transport, as it is shipped between trains and Lorries. The trade and transport of goods can be made easier and faster through containerization. This method may include loading heavy machinery and vehicles into wooden crates and then loading the crates into steel containers. Not all items need to be crated prior to loading into a steel container. What method of packing used for items, depends on where you plan to ship them.

Malcolm Maclean, who was an American businessman, was the first to invent this container to transport goods. This simple container may look like it isn’t capable of making a lot of difference, but this simple factor of production has improved the efficiency of trade and has boosted economic growth. Before containers, only boxes and bags were used to export goods. This meant that a lot of hard work was put in just to load and unload. This would result in a lot of labour costs, which containerization considerably reduces.

What are the advantages of containerization?

1. The use of containers can significantly reduce trading costs.

2. Containerization is more secure than the transport of loose goods. In the case of loose goods transport, there is a high chance of items going missing. Containers keep thieves at bay and the goods reach their destination.

3. They can be used to transport a variety of goods and commodities. From coal to cars everything can be transported via a container. There are special kinds of containers and crates available for the transportation of cargo, refrigerated goods and liquids. Containers that are discarded can be reused or recycled for other purposes.

4. The transport costs are pretty low due to standardization. In order to move the same amount break-bulk freight by the means of a container is about twenty times less costly.

5. The container ensures its own safety. It’s simpler to pack and move across borders. Every single container has its own size type code and identification number. However, it is the Seal that is attached when locking them up that Shipping Companies use for identification.

6. These containers are easy to load and large loads can be offloaded in a shorter span of time. This significantly reduces shipping costs.

Pack-All International is a leading crating company, here at your service. We are fast, efficient and reliable. We have decades of experience in handling containerization. You can rely on us to take optimal protection. Our attention to detail is acute; we confirm the centre of gravity of every item is correct so leaning can be avoided. Also, we make sure the packaging is on point. We use heavy-duty poly and VCI inhibiting materials to keep moisture under control. If Customers wish to have us block & brace items, crates, and skids, etc. into metal containers, it is their responsibility to provide the containers for us to load. Contact us to know more about our services!


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