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What Is Primary Packaging and Secondary Packaging?


The packaging is crucial to the transport of all objects, whether small items or bulk cargo, safely to the destination. The products should be enclosed in a way to enable smooth distribution, or storage. Improper packaging can result in the goods getting damaged due to moisture exposure, improper handling, static discharge, insects or corrosion. Packaging can be categorized into three types – primary, secondary and tertiary.Pack-All International offers reliable, customized packaging options for all types of objects.

Difference Between Primary and Secondary Packaging

When packaging is in direct contact with the product, it is referred to as primary or retail packaging. For example,wooden crates are commonly used as primary packaging for heavy machinery. They can be made of either plywood or lumber and can be open, sheathed or closed. Stacking and storing products become easy with crates. The purpose of packaging is to preserve and contain the product. The other types of primary packaging used for wrapping and better protection are:

Bubble Wraps – They arepliable transparent plastic sheets consisting of regularly spaced, protruding air-filled bubbles. The bubbles provide a cushioning effect on fragile items by absorbing shock during transit. The plastic also offers protection from moisture. It is available in anti-static plastic to dissipate static charges when shipping sensitive electronic parts and components. 

Plastic Sheets– These guards the stored objects from dust, moisture and scratches.

Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor Poly(VCI) to protect against moisture.

Shrink Wrap–It is a loose film of polyolefin plastic, which can be wrapped around products as both primary and secondary packaging. You can then apply heat to the wrapso it shrinks to the product size. The main purpose is to maintain the cleanliness of the product. It is also a quick and efficient way to wrap loads of products. 

Packaging Foams–These are lightweight, thin and dust-free. The 1/8", 1" or 2" foams provide excellent cushioning and bounce effects. Since they are non-abrasive, they don’t leave scratches or marks on the surface of metal, glass or polished wood.

Secondary packaging refers to outer packaging like wooden crates, which store individually packaged products.

The following are an important part of secondary packaging:

Pallets or Skids- They help keep the packages raised off the surface when they are on the ground or on the bed of a delivery truck. This protects the packages from dirt and moisture.

Containers – Wooden crates provide complete protection to heavy-duty machinery or equipment. These containers make storage, shipping and transport of high-value items easier.

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